Running a small business is a huge undertaking and as an SME owner, you’ll have to juggle a tonne of responsibilities. You need to ensure your product or service is top quality. You have to choose, retain and train your best staff. You need to keep your staff happy because they keep your clients happy and you have to stand out from similar businesses with clever marketing and superior customer service. Not to mention handle all of the marketing, admin and taxes. It’s enough to give you a headache!

Here at CChat, we’re passionate about helping brands be different and exceed their client’s expectations. And, in CChat, we have developed a wealth of tools to help you do just that. If you’re heading into 2019 looking for fresh new ways to stay ahead of your rivals, communicate with your customers and generally set the standard, read on for six creative ways you can use CChat to do just that.

1. Hold group calls with customers

Market research is absolutely invaluable when it comes to developing products and services, get real customer feedback on marketing campaigns and developing new solutions that address specific customer needs. You don’t need to employ an expensive research agency to get that valuable intel though – you can hold a group video call with a small selection of your customers and run your own focus group.

2. Set up a brand page

The more prolific your business can be, the better when it comes to social media and modern mobile devices. CChat gives brands and influencers the option to create a brand page, which is included in our public brand directory. This is your space to tell your story, keep your fans informed and build a closer connection to your customers.

3. Scrap meetings for voice and video calls instead

We’re all becoming a little more eco-conscious but how many times have you jumped on a plane or into the car for a meeting this year? It’s not only bad for the environment but also an expensive and costly way to hold a meeting. Instead, why not bring a little modern thinking to this dull workplace essential and hold voice and video call meetings instead? With CChat’s secure, crystal-clear voice calls and video calls you can talk to your whole team and customers quickly and easily without leaving your desk. That means less wasted time spent travelling to and from meetings and a smaller carbon footprint. It’s a win-win.

4. Use our new live help support system

Add our new live help support system to your brand page to delight your customers by responding to them even quicker than ever before.

5. Set up a group chat to share exclusive news

Invite your customers to a group chat on CChat as a way of making them excited about your brand and to build customer loyalty – share group only offers, give the first looks at new products and ensure they’re the first to know about new products or exciting announcements.

6- Translate messages

Chat with people in their own languages. translated messages will be shown just below the original message separated by a line. CChat supports translation for more than 25 languages inclusing Chinese, French, Spanish and more.